To get started Click on the following button:-

To start playing Click on one of the Topics (History, Flags, Music, Sports) on the ToolBar :-


You will then be presented with another MENU showing a list of icons relating to a particular set of questions on your chosen subject. Click on one of these icons e.g. "The Divas"



In this example where you had selected "Divas", you will then be presented with Pictures relating to a number of famous "Divas" for you to try and identify.

Just match the Picture numbers with the Names listed on the right. (Enter your chosen Number in the white box as illustrated below).

Before you start Click on the Start Timer button. You get 45 Seconds to answer all the questions

To Stop the Timer just Click on the "Stop Watch" icon



To see how well you have done Click on the "Mark" button


If you want to see the Answers just Click on the "Answers" button

To remove your entries and start again just Click on the Reset button


The format for the Music Questions is slightly different in its presentation.
Here you click on the Play button icon and a clip of music will play.

You are then required to name the Artist or Group by selecting one of the 3 corresponding choices.

Although a "pause" and "stop" button icons are available it is unlikely you will need to use these.

Important Note:

Please note that if you are playing this over a statndard 56k Modem connection you will experience delays as each clip of music is buffered and sent down your telephone line. On average the response time I have noted for receiving each clip down a Telephone line via a 56k Modem is between 3-4 secs.

For this reason we recommend you play the Music section over ISDN or similar High Bandwidth connection.